Sunday, November 30, 2008

How to make the Windows Vista OS Snappier

Windows Vista OS has been around for years now. And we honestly believe, this groundbreaking operating system from Microsoft provides its users the visual satisfaction they want just like the Mac’s intuitive, glassy, and colorful interface.

Despite that, the Windows Vista elegant interface comes at a cost. It just pours down the drain the system resources and it gives the PC user a lot of snags like a periodic system crashes which ties down your personal productivity. So, to speed up the Windows Vista to make your computing jobs much faster, consider the simple steps we listed below.

1. Put out of action the naggy User Account Control or widely known as the UAC button

2. Shut down noncore graphical extras such as the aero glass transparency effects

3. Disable Windows Vista search indexing

4. Turn off the automatic defragment

5. Stop the built-in Windows Defender Anti-spyware because it is a lame and not up to scratch app. alternatively, it is suggested to rig out the system with a third-party anti-malware to take care of the PCs sytem.