Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Intel Core I7 Processor Inside

For joe and jane who have extra money and willing to fritter away their fortune this Holiday season, Intel Corporation officially sent into orbit last Monday afternoon the Intel Core I7 processor. Without doubt, this ultramodern processor would crank up the computing-power of your PC such as its video editing prowess and your PC gaming experience would be up too.

The Intel Core I7 processor laps up a Turbo Boost technology that torques up its full potential depending upon the urgency and specific requirement of a particular job. Moreover, the Intel Core I7 processor also enjoys an exclusive feature called Quickpath which allows your rig’s memory bandwidth to increase twofold and in effect giving the PC a seamless multitasking knack in comparison with the other processor in the market today and by this means giving the user a noticeable upswing of his productivity and efficiency. Lastly, the Intel Core I7 processor packs an 8mb level 3 cache and three channels of DD3 1066 memory to boot