Friday, November 21, 2008

The Numinous Stalker

When we hear the word stalker what normally comes to our mind is someone who’s psychologically disturbed or sexual perv individual who creeps up on his prey who’s the object of his fancy or desire.

But if you’re dogging somebody on twitter because you want to keep tabs on with reference to the activities of a certain person which you think worthy of attention— that being so—you're an ethical stalker. So, if you want to be a squeaky clean stalker, then, this no-frills Firefox add-on will be the panacea of the problem to painstakingly follow someone on twitter.

The software developers at Sitening called their app as Tweetstalk. By having this Firefox add-on it allows anyone to tail somebody without the faintest idea that you’re going after him. In addition, the Tweetstalk app permits anyone to manage groups of stalkees and follow their Twitter feeds.