Friday, December 5, 2008

How to Play a Homebrew NDS Game on your NDS Game Console

In truth—we hold in high regard a game developer’s genius and indefatigable dedication to dish up countless numbers of absorbing and action-packed Nintendo DS games. But for the sake of cerebral and heuristic exchange of views and info, we would like to tell everyone how to play homebrew games and even commercial games on their Nintendo DS handheld game console.

In this tutorial, we bring into play a R4 Revolution for DS that acts as your NDS ROM repository. And having said that, it’s still recommended to buy the genuine NDS cartridge so that our hard-working game developers will still have the motivation and pecuniary incentive to keep on making top-notch NDS games.

Materials needed:
- R4 TF Micro SD Adapter
-microSD memory card
-R4 v.1.18 Kernel
-USB MicroSD card reader/writer

1. To start the ball rolling, set down the microSD card to the USB MicroSD card reader/writer.

2. Then, hook up the USB MicroSD card reader/writer with microSD card to your PC via its USB slot.

3. After that, unrar or unzip the R4 v.1.18 Kernel into your microSD card.

4. Get ready your homebrew NDS rom and commercial NDS rom, if you don’t have one at hand try to hunt for it on the internet using Google at your own risk of course.

5. Place the NDS rom close to the system, moonshl, dsmenu, dsmenusys and dsmshlnds files.

6. Secure the microSD card on your R4 TF Micro SD Adapter.

7. Lastly, pop the R4 TF Micro SD Adapter to the NDS handheld game console slot and get a kick out of it.