Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Proper Way to Update your Nokia Firmware

Though updating your official Nokia Firmware through the internet is classic news for most folks—yet—there are lots of out of luck critters who encountered snag during the update process such as the Nokia Software Updater were unable to recognized the mobile phone connected on their PCs. Once and for all to find the key for the problem, here’s the effective procedure to upgrade your Nokia Firmware without pain in the neck.

1. Download the Nokia Software Updater to PC

2. This is the crucial part of the update process; you should uninstall the Nokia PC Suite from your rig before you fire away the installation process of the NSU software. Numerous Nokia Mobile Phone owners were unable to upgrade their Nokia Firmware because they didn't pull off the Nokia PC Suite from their system but I don’t put the blame to everybody for their lack of success, because Nokia doesn’t even provide documentation to this particular stumbling block. To be honest, a lot of individuals too, don’t have the slightest bit of idea how to puzzle out the trouble.

3. Install the Nokia Software Updater application to your PC.

4. Connect your mobile phone via USB.

5. Back-up your files.

6. Update software.

7. Restore your files.