Friday, March 27, 2009

Test Drive the Iphone 3.0 OS Software

Iphone 3.0 OS Software has yet to be officially released to the certified Iphone devotees, disciples and zealots but the said Mobile OS has already been leaked and up for grabs at the Bay of the Pirates.

Thus, this is certainly a disastrous scoop for Steve’s business empire. However, you're a lucky guy if you have a spare Iphone in your mobile arsenal to mess around because you could size up and put to the test the much-hyped Iphone 3.0 OS Software.

In this way, you will be the first human being to test drive Iphone’s native search, cut, copy and paste features. It’s also fortunate that you could send photos, contacts, audio files, and location via MMS without snapping up a SwirlyMMS, (a third-party MMS application) since Iphone 3.0 OS has these attributes too.

Finally, you could also be the first fella to evaluate Iphone’s preinstalled read and compose email and text messages in landscape mode, though these particular idiosyncrasies are not alien to people who own a jailbroken Iphone.