Wednesday, April 1, 2009

What will you and I do?

Nintendo DSi was engineered by Masato Kuhawara with the thumbs up sign from the highly regarded Nintendo top brass, and it's the spruced up version of Nintendo DS Lite.

The handheld gaming device (Japanese Version Only) has been initially put on the market in Japan during the previous year, specifically last November 1. As luck would have it, it will be tentatively rolled out in the USA too on April 5 of the current year.

Truthfully, the Nintendo DSi was set afloat for the sheer pleasure of the true-blue Nintendo believers and in all likelihood to put the kibosh on the prevalent piracy of NDS ROMS that put the game developers at risk of losing its much-needed earnings.

Unfortunately, Captain Jack Sparrow still finds a way to shake off Nintendo’s bungled attempt to keep in check the NDS ROM piracy. By the way, we're talking about the Acekard 2 flash card with DSi support and it allows anyone to play a couple of homebrew NDS games.