Monday, February 8, 2010

PwnageTool v3.1.5 Set Free

If you’re a certified hog-wild Iphone user chances are you have spotted lately that Apple already unleashed a firmware upgrade of your fave mobile OS, the Iphone OS 3.1.3 to be specific. Thusly, Dev-Team Blog announced also the released of the widely known PwnageTool v3.1.5 for Mac OS X computing device. You have to use this Pwnage Tool PwnageTool v3.1.5 for Mac OS X with discretion to preserve your ultrasn0w unlock, blacksn0w unlock and jailbreak-state of y0ur Iphone gizmo. So, read carefully what has been penciled in the Dev-Team’s Blog to cop out any unfavorable turn of events.