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By nature, the ageing process of each individual is an inevitable phase of a person’s life journey. It is a sad fact that we have to deal as a human being whether we like or not. But I’m pretty sure nobody likes to get older ahead of schedule. As a matter of fact, we fear to advanced in years because as we get older there are also old age illnesses that we get to the bottom of it such as arthritis, hypertension, heart disease and diabetes mellitus.

Despite of the above mentioned sicknesses that accompany and happen during the twilight years of a human being, there are also people who are working very hard 24/7 to tackle these geriatric-related diseases.
Without beating about the bush, we are referring to Oxis’ International products such as anti aging, antioxidant and glutathione products which are therapeutic and nutraceutical in itself.

Thus, to puzzle out old age related and the damaging effects of oxidative stress at also produces substance such as Ergothioneine that delays, prevents and eradicates diseases associated with Brain Health, Immunity, Anti-aging/skin Health, Inflammation, Detoxification and Blood Sugar Regulation. These products, in effect, allow our gray-haired populace to enjoy life to the fullest without the worries of getting the dreaded old age illnesses.

Apple Ipad Officially Rolled Out Nationwide

Under the chilly morn, a swarm of Apple Ipad fanatics wasted no time at a New York Apple Store to get hold of the much-hyped Apple Ipad. During the official launching of the Apple Ipad, the techie mobs weren’t as wild as the restless Iphone geeks who waited during the official kickoff of the Iphone. As a recap, the Apple Ipad trumpets a Safari Web Browser, crystal-clear LED-backlit IPS, 9.7-inch high resolution display, Youtube App, Ipod, Itunes, Ibooks, Appstore and other important Google Services to find locations.

A Jazzy 3D TV Glasses for your Sony Bravia 3D TV

Forget about the paper-thin LED TV that you’re constantly crying out for a long a time cuz Sony Japan released the hip TV known as the Sony Bravia 3D Full HDTV. So, what’s the perfect adjunct for your Sony Bravia 3D LX 900 Series? It’s the 3D TV Glasses my amigos, the 3D TV Glasses known as the TDG-BR100 and TDG-BR50 to be specific. And these 3D TV Glasses are available in Pink, Blue and Black variations.

Shoot High-Def Video with Pentax X90

Forget about the big boys in the digital snapper industry like Canon, Nikon and Sony cuz Pentax shows off an up-and-coming digital camera, the Pentax X90 to be specific. And for those wannabe shutterbugs out there who have a trembly and doddery hands while shooting could take a non-blurry photos of your loved ones since the Pentax X90 is equipped with a triple shake reduction feature. Besides, the Pentax X90 also swanks a 12 megapixel sensor, 26X optical zoom, powerful battery, 720P High-Def Video Recorder, Face Detection and electronic viewfinder too.

You've Won a Cowon!

Are you a geeky Jap? If your reply is affirmative, the Cowon will be unleashing the Cowon HD PMP V5 in the Japanese Market which about to happen this oncoming March 5. So, if you can’t live without your multimedia files with you therefore the Cowon V5 is the perfect portable media player for you. Without beating about the bush, the Cowon V5 flashes around a 4.8-inch display, Jeteffect 3.0 Technology, BBE sound, MP3, MP4, HDMI interface, FLAC, MKV and a trusty Windows CE 6.5 operating system into the bargain.